Riders Of The Apocalypse

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The forums page is strictly for the use of members to throw ideas around to better the clan, the site, and the experience. If you find any mistakes in the clan site, please try to either contact a leader, or second in command about the mistake, or begin a conversation in the forums for it, and a leader will eventually notice. If you have any ideas on how to recruit new members, or keep the clan active, also post it in the forums.

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Posted by {ROTA} Vincent Vega on February 11, 2014 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone!

Well  my name is Vincent but yea can call me Vince, i have been a memebr of ROTA for about 3 weeks now! and well i luv the clan~ Anyways i wanted to introduces myself and inform everyone of a great FFA game i made, i have seena bout 2 people use my template i will post link below and i would  LOVE if u guys gave me ideas on how to make it 100x better! Thanks,


[ROTA] Vincent Vega