Riders Of The Apocalypse

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Main Consultant Responsibilities and Rank

Main consultants are ROTA's way of keeping the community fresh and active throughout the different games of PC and 360. Because ROTA has only four leaders, four co-leaders, and nearly twenty different games and rising, it becomes difficult to create new activities for our members. Therefore, each game will have a main consultant to help the leaders keep in touch with their members throughout different games. Main consultants have a rank below co-leader, meaning that they still demand respect, and will be treated as superiors, but we promise that they will not act superior. Please just follow their judgement and their example, and if you need help with training in a certain game, try to contact the main consultant of that game, and they will help you. If you cannot successfully reach them, try asking other members for help, or contact one of the other leaders. Remember, the consultants are here to help you keep up-to-date with the community, so respect what they have to say, and they will lead you to victory.

NOTE TO CONSULTANTS: It is your responsibility to report any changes that you would like to see to your page to ROTAleaderWAR, so that he can make them immediately. It is also your job to report any upcoming clan battles to ROTAleaderWAR so that he can post them on the calendar, that way players who are interested may volunteer to fight. Lastly, consultants may not always recruit members for the same division that they are in, mainly for the fact that not all consultants are in different divisions. If you are recruiting members, please try to vary the different divisions in which you are placing new members, and refer them to the site please.