Riders Of The Apocalypse

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1. Clan members will not trash talk, insult, verbally assault, make fun of, or pick on other clan members for the sake of being malicious. ROTA is about unity, and will not tolerate any act of aggression amongst its ranks. It is simply unnecessary, and un-called for. If you do not like or even hate another member, simply mute them, and ignore them. If you are sent hateful messages from another member through xbox, the website, or any media, ignore it, and report who it is, and what they said to one of the four leaders please. If they do not respond, then you can simply message one of the co-leaders, consultants, or just block communications with the aggressor.

2. Uniform is one of ROTA's ways of showing clan affiliation, and upholds their uniform with pride. If you are part of ROTA, please follow the specified uniform requirements on the different game pages. If you are part of ROTA for one game, and are in a different clan for a different game, then simply use the ROTA uniform for the game that you are affiliated with the clan in. We respect players who have multiple clans, and even welcome it, for it provides ROTA with more opportunities to test their skill against other clans. So if you have more than one clan, please, ask your other leaders if they are interested in a clan battle, or an alliance. If you do not follow the uniform, however, for a game that you are affiliated with ROTA in, we will assume that you are not in the clan anymore, and remove you from the site and from our friend's lists. We apologize, but we do not want non-clan members on a website for our clan, for it causes too much clutter.

3. Leaders are reserved with the right to certain emblems, messages, and/or service(clan) tags to show their rank in game. The four leaders are reserved to the service tags of WAR, DETH, PSTC, and FAMN. If you are using these service tags, we apologize but you must change them in order to avoid confusion amongst the members. So far, there is no armor color restrictions for HALO games, but games that allow players to have messages must not use the phrase "ROTA Leader (division name)", "ROTA 2nd IC (division name)", or "ROTA MC (consultant's game). This allows leaders, co-leaders, and consultants to show their rank in other games, and is necessary.

4. Teabagging is a very controversial issue for any game. ROTA does not mind the act of teabagging, for the fact that it is done for multiple reasons, not all of them bad, but we also recognize the malicious uses of it as well. Therefore, we will not reprimand(punish) any member caught teabagging other players, although we would appreciate if some discretion is used. In other words, if someone is teabagging you, you have every right to do it back. But do not teabag anyone who has done nothing to you in any way, for ROTA promotes a friendly community, and instead of teabagging other players, you could either try to recruit them, or ignore them. Also, if the issue of a member teabagging another member becomes an issue, both sides of the conflict will be heard by the leadership council, and we will find a solution. If the aggressor is found guilty of breaching rule one of respecting other members, then they will be punished by their division leader, as he sees fit. 

5. If you are in game and are insulted by a random gamer, please do not play into their charade. ROTA would like its members to show respect to all gamers, no matter what they do or who they are. If you are unable to help yourself, then don't mention your clan affiliation, for the leaders would like our community to have a respectable reputation amongst the XBOX Live community. If you start an argument with someone, please refrain from letting it escalate to an uncontrollable level.

6. When recruiting new brothers, please refer them to the website. When referring new brothers to the website, please give them the EXACT URL, and make sure that they do not have any problems signing up and creating a profile for themselves. If they do not have an email in which to use, please help them create one to use. Make sure that they know which division they will be a part of.

ROTA site URL: http://www.rotacommunity.webs.com/

7. The usage of vulgar language is perfectly acceptable in the riders. We will not punish, demote, remove, etc. any player using foul language in a non-aggressive manner. That means that if a member is not being aggressive towards another clan member with their words, we will not discipline them. Video games are a great way to release aggression, so don't act offended when you hear someone getting excessively vocal with swear words. Any complaints of vulgar language will be ignored, we apologize for the bluntness, but there is no easy way to keep other players from swearing, especially if the leaders do it as well. 

8. As of August 9, 2013, all matters of a member being kicked from the clan will be voted upon by a full consensus of the Apocalypse leaders, and their second in commands. If the vote is being held on the matter of the expulsion of a leader, that leader still has the privilege of a vote in the matter. If they are found worthy of expulsion, that leader is then either kicked from the clan, or may have the option of staying in as a regular member. The second in command then has the option of becoming the new leader, and picking a second in command that is anyone BUT a previously kicked leader or second in command. If they should choose to retain the position of second in command, then the picking of a new leader will be up to the remaining leaders and second in commands. If a second in command is under vote for expulsion, they have the privilege of a vote in the matter. If they are found worthy of expulsion, they also have the option to stay as a regular member. The leader must then pick a new second in command that is not a previously kicked leader or second in command. If a regular member is kicked, they may not join back unless they prove themselves trustworthy to a second in command or leader. (An expulsion warrant may only be demanded if the person in which the expulsion is placed against has broken any rules on two or more occasions, and the issuer of the warrant has solid proof of said breaches in clan policy).

9. The use of the photos page is for in-game pictures, clan theme fanart, group photos, etc. NOT for profane images, and the like. If you have something "private" that you wish to show a friend, please send it in a private chat, or over a media site like facebook, but do NOT post them in the photos page. If you find a profane image in any of the albums, please report it immediately, and the admins will remove it immediately. The same goes for the videos page,calendar,  and member profile pictures.

10. ROTA is an open community, through and through. We do not require you to pass any tests, training, have some form of achievement, medal, rank, etc. All players are allowed to join if they so choose. There are no prerequisites to join ROTA. All players who are interested in joining are welcome. You will not be treated any differently based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, ROTA truly is a community for all players, so if you would like to ride with us, then sign up.